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Joining the team in 2015, Andrew hails from a strong analytical background and holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of New England and a Graduate Certificate in Management as well as membership to the Association of Financial Advisers. Andrew’s attention to detail and thorough approach, coupled with his natural ability to build rapport quickly, enables him to best support his clients with their financial health.

From a diverse professional background in both financial planning and project management, Andrew has impressively been awarded the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal from the Governor General of Australia for his work designing and implementing humanitarian projects across Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. His strategic skillset in analysing needs and identifying solutions is a proven method deployed across his rural project management career and now with his clients at Blue Harbour.

Andrew has a passion for helping people with retirement and maximising their opportunities in the golden years of life – from navigating through available tax and Centrelink benefits, and improving their aged pension benefits. Andrew enjoys supporting his clients to make their own robust financial decisions to support them to retirement. With extensive experience in portfolio management, strategic financial advice and the use of platform investment services, Andrew enjoys sharing his best-practice solutions with clients.

Andrew Taylor is an Authorised Representative of Fortnum Advice Pty Ltd ABN 52 634 060 709 AFSL 519190

Andrew is a keen paddler and in 2018 competed in the World Dragon Boat Championships in Hungary where his team earned a Silver Medal. He spends much of his spare time out on the water enjoying the beautiful Bayside where we work and live.