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Establishing a relationship with a Financial Planner who understands your unique situation and who you trust as a Financial Partner, is the first step to successfully planning your future.

Your plan becomes your blueprint to working towards your goals in a methodical and structured way, managing any risks and capitalising on any opportunities.

Your story starts with you. It kicks off with you seeking professional support to help you drive your financial future. To maximise opportunities and minimise your financial risk.

Financial Planning

A Financial Planner is a qualified financial adviser who advises clients on investments, insurance, retirement, tax and estate planning. Their role is to partner with you to create a strategy to help you meet your long-term financial goals.

At Blue Harbour, most of our clients are everyday Australians who want help to ensure their future plans are achievable. There is no upper or lower limit of the amount of assets or money you need to have before working with our team – our role is to support you in ensuring you have enough to support your lifestyle whether you’re in your 30’s with a young family, or your 50’s worrying about your retirement.

At Blue Harbour Financial Partners, we are paid a fee for service, meaning that as a client, you’ll pay a fee for advice. This enables us to offer the best advice for your unique situation, rather than be biased towards particular products. We make no ‘commissions’ from selling you financial products, meaning you can be sure that we’re working in your best interests and that we’re navigating you into the right financial safe harbour.

Many of our clients find financial planning is prudent at pivotal points in their lives – when you’re starting a family, moving to a new house, have come into an inheritance or as you approach retirement for example. However, there doesn’t need to be a particular trigger, other than a desire to create greater financial stability both now and into the future.

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Contributing to superannuation is investing in your future. Setting aside money while you’re still working enables a comfortable lifestyle once you retire.

Super funds invest your money into shares, property and managed funds – we help you to find and select the right super fund, consolidate multiple funds and start securing tomorrow’s lifestyle.

In simple terms, yes. We can help you track down your super accounts and recommend a fund that suits your financial goals and appetite for risk. Having multiple super funds could mean you’re paying fees you’re not across and could impact upon the final dollar figure you retire with.

The first step is not to panic! Allow one of our financial advisors to assess your situation and work out a strategy to increase your super, and help you work towards stability in your retirement years.

The amount of money in your superannuation will depend on multiple factors – your income during your working life, if you’ve taken breaks from work (to travel, to have children for example), the fees you’ve been paying on your funds and the amount of money you have been regularly paying in.

The amount you need to retire on will depend on the type of lifestyle you wish to lead in retirement and will vary from person to person. You may find approximate superannuation calculators online, but we’d strongly advise you to seek independent financial advice to find a tailored answer for your own unique circumstances.

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Seek help to manage your financial future.
Tomorrow doesn’t need to be uncertain.

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