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You work hard to maintain your lifestyle and it’s only natural that you want to protect it at all costs. Safeguard your lifestyle and assets with Insurance.

Insurance is all about planning for life’s unexpected moments. Whether it’s life insurance, income protection or trauma insurance, continuing to protect your lifestyle and the assets you’ve worked so hard for is important.

Insurance enables you to continue paying your mortgage, the school fees and buy life’s daily necessities, knowing your family is taken care of. We never know what tomorrow will bring, so the peace of mind, whatever happens, is priceless.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Whilst you hope you never require it, life insurance is an important way of protecting your family in the event that you pass away.
It offers peace of mind that your family will be provided for, in the form of a lump sum of money which is granted to your beneficiaries.
Life Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Sustaining an injury or permanent illness can whip away your financial security literally overnight.
Trauma Insurance is sometimes called ‘Critical illness’ cover if you cannot work and acts as a lifeline to support your family, as you recover or manage your illness.
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Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance

Allows you to protect your earnings in the event you are unable to work due to total or temporary disability.
It allows you the time to recover your health, rather than worrying about the bills and the mortgage.
Income Protection

Estate planning

None of us like to think about what will happen when we pass away, but ensuring the assets you’ve worked so hard for throughout your lifetime are distributed as per your wishes, is important.

We can help you to make a will, nominate beneficiaries and understand the tax consequences of how your assets are distributed.

Estate planning also ensures you’re protected in the event you are medically or physically unable to make your own decisions later in life, to help you retain the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard towards.

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All financial advice should be tailored to your personal circumstances, and this will impact which (if any) insurances you should protect yourself and your family with. As an example, many families with dependent children, who are still paying off a mortgage chose to have insurance policies, to ensure their lifestyle is protected if anything happens to either parent.

Insurance can offer a broad range of protection whatever your age or stage of life and your Financial Planner will be able to recommend to you if insurance is desirable for your unique circumstances, and if so, which insurance products would be best.

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Seek help to manage your financial future.
Tomorrow doesn’t need to be uncertain.

Enjoy bespoke advice with expert Financial Planners, to guide you safely into harbour with your finance and assets.
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