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Financial Planning

Establishing a relationship with a financial planner who understands your unique situation and who you trust as a financial partner is the first step to successfully planning your future.

Your plan becomes your blueprint to working towards your goals in a methodical and structured way, managing any risks and capitalising on any opportunities.

Your story starts with you. It kicks off with you seeking professional support to help you drive your financial future. To maximise opportunities and minimise your financial risk.

Financial Planning
Savings and Investing

Saving and Investing

Growing your nest egg is all about saving money and building wealth for the future. There’s way more to saving than just looking at the interest rate – it’s important to align your investments to meet your financial goals too.

You want to ensure you’re being rewarded for meeting your savings goals and are investing into portfolios that match your risk appetite and drive you towards the tomorrow you’re dreaming of.

Savings and Investing


Contributing to superannuation is investing in your future. Setting aside money while you’re still working enables a comfortable lifestyle once you retire.

Super funds invest your money into shares, property and managed funds – we help you to find and select the right super fund, consolidate multiple funds and start securing tomorrow’s lifestyle.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Whilst you hope you never require it, life insurance is an important way of protecting your family in the event that you pass away.
It offers peace of mind that your family will be provided for, in the form of a lump sum of money which is granted to your beneficiaries.
Life Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Sustaining an injury or permanent illness can whip away your financial security literally overnight.

Trauma insurance is sometimes called ‘Critical Illness’ cover. If you cannot work, it acts as a lifeline to support your family as you recover or manage your illness.

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Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance allows you to protect your earnings in the event you are unable to work due to total or temporary disability.

It allows you the time to recover your health, rather than worrying about the bills and the mortgage.
Income Protection

Estate Planning

None of us like to think about what will happen when we pass away, but it’s important to ensure the assets you’ve worked so hard for throughout your lifetime are distributed as per your wishes.

We can help you to make a will, nominate beneficiaries and understand the tax consequences of how your assets are distributed.
Estate Planning | Meeting with Adviser
Aged Care

Aged Pension

Accessing aged pension income support and Centrelink helps you to plan for a more comfortable retirement through a fortnightly payment to help you meet the cost of living.

It can be challenging to navigate the criteria and secure the funds you need to support your lifestyle. Blue Harbour can help you to not just access money you may be entitled to but also assist with placement of your assets to maximise your entitlements.

Aged Care
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Seek help to manage your financial future.
Tomorrow doesn’t need to be uncertain.

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